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Wikis, Ajax, Mashups, Mashets, Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0 and if all else fails… Joe Kraus

Posted by Susan Scrupski on June 27, 2006

The tech blogosphere is all about what’s hot. Clearly. There is a bit of “who’s hot,” but I love the collaborative engine that moves the blogerati.

Because I’m steeped in client work at present, I’m compelled to write about how web applications stand to reinvent how information gets disseminated at work. Is Web 2.0 forging yet another tech revolution for the Enterprise? My good buddy, Josh Greenbaum, who is a long-time writer in the ERP sector takes umbrage with the all the giddiness surrounding Web 2.0. You can read his thoughts on ZDNet or two excellent columns from Intelligent Enterprise here and here. Even Phil Wainwright, whom I knew before he was the rock star he is today, wrote a somewhat damning post last week on web 2.0’s readiness for prime time.

Oh, Joe Kraus. He’s become the poster child for Web 2.0. I just threw him in the headline to see if I could boost my blogstats. Kraus is CEO of installed enterprise app killer JotSpot.

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Keane settles

Posted by Susan Scrupski on June 21, 2006

I issued a press release this week, so I've been a little busy catching up with old contacts.  I saw this today on InformationWeek's outsourcing newsletter.  Keane settled with Georgina Fisk, the firm's VP of Marketing for $1.4M on alleged charges of sexual harassment.  This is a huge victory for victims of sexual harassment.  And so fast…!  Keane's board ought to be commended. 

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Don’t count out the Big Guys…

Posted by Susan Scrupski on June 16, 2006

A press release issued today from my old friends at EDS caught my eye. EDS announced the company built a secure, web-based portal for its long-time outsourcing customer, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Massachusetts (BCBSMA). According to the release, EDS integrated several of BCBSMA's internal systems in order to provide convenient and simple access to a host of administrative information and provider processes to BCBSMA's network of 35,000 physicians and healthcare providers.

I was just talking yesterday to Larry Bissinger who leads analyst relations for EDS, making the point that veteran IT Services players and outsourcers are in an enviable position to bring next generation technology to the best customers. Take the BCBSMA relationship for EDS. I remember a DATAMATION column I wrote in June of 1994 where employees who were outsourced to EDS sued BC/BS and received $9M in a class action law suit. It was a landmark case at the time. EDS and BCBSMA survived all the spectacle and strain that must have put on their relationship, and the relationship has been renewed and extended a few times since the first deal-signing. Joe Fraser, the EDS client delivery executive, has been there for 15 years. With those roots, it's logical that BCBSMA would turn to EDS first when they want to investigate technology improvements. Granted, some of the improvements are already in scope of their existing agreements, but EDS is more than the sum of its contract parts. My point here is, we should expect to see innovation and business model reinvention coming from old, familiar places. Not everyone will abandon their preferred vendors for the "hot shop."

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Trust, Communications, Relationship-management…

Posted by Susan Scrupski on June 9, 2006

Frank Casale invited me to co-moderate a workshop yesterday at his Outsourcing Institute NYC Roadshow on "Outsourcing's Bad Rap: Playing Politics." Throughout the day, although the outsourcing market has changed so much over the past ten years, I heard the recurring themes of trust, communications, and old-fashioned relationship management. Buyers and sellers all have their war stories.

The day was excellent. A comfortable and informative series of workshops and presentations. OI holds a series of these workshops. If you're interested in outsourcing, definitely worth attending.

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Back to Sapient…

Posted by Susan Scrupski on June 7, 2006

I've been pestering Sapient with a few questions. Craig Endicott from Ad Age who did the Top 50 Interactive Agency ranking told me that Sapient did not submit an application last year. I thought, humm, that's odd. "Absent" to "#2" in just one year, eh? So, I asked Sapient if they were ever listed in the ranking before.

The answers unfold this way: Sapient ranked in the Ad Age rankings in 1999, 2000, and 2001. The company did not submit a response for four years. Remember the Ad Age ranking is US-based interactive revenue. In the U.K., however, the company has consistently ranked 1 or 2 interactive agency in the U.K.'s New Media Age leading interactive magazine. But, a corporate spokesperson describes the sudden reappearance on the Interactive scene in the US this way:

"Following the Internet bust, while Sapient continued to do great design and brand work for marquee clients such as Hilton and United Airlines, our external marketing focus shifted to outsourcing and other complex business and IT solutions which were big pain points for our customers.

As we started getting increased demand for our web services and recognized the early shift towards digital media, we opted to round out our capabilities very rapidly withthe acquisition of Planning Group. This move also reinvigorated our focus on Experience Marketing. Moving forward, you will be seeing much, much more from Sapient in the area of Experience Marketing."

Now. What's at issue here still remains, is Sapient deserving of the number 2 ranking… ahead of, Digitas and Then again, does it matter? I think it does matter and each of these firms bring unique capabilities to the market and deserve to be niched where they belong.

In 2000, I gave Sapient the only 5-star classification and commented the company existed in a "class of its own" in my ITSA research report on the e-services providers market. Sapient was also awarded "most admired competitor" from the other firms profiled in the 300+ page report. I am not, not a Sapient basher. In fact, Sapient, with its full breadth of capability has a tremendous advantage in today's market.

But, let's give the real Interactive Agencies their due… Does Tribal DDB and AKQA look like Sapient?

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Not just Integrators, now Management Consultants and Big Blue eyeing the Ad Business…

Posted by Susan Scrupski on June 5, 2006

Thanks to my friend Tim at Pixel Bridge, I'm posting what Ad Age published yesterday regarding Accenture, IBM, and McKinsey reshuffling how Advertising dollars are distributed for corporate clients. "Management Consultants Push Further into Ad Business."

I placed a quick call to my friend Tom Rodenhauser, who has covered management consultants for decades. Tom told me he wrote a similar story about ten years ago with help from an Ad Age freelancer. He promised he'd send me something pithy today to post here, so stay tuned.

Here's Tom's quote (9:39 p.m EST): "The debate between ad agencies and management consultants is one-sided. Essentially, the agencies are pulling a Rodney Dangerfield (God rest his soul) by demanding respect for something they don't provide — strategy. The ad folks can be creative geniuses with positioning products. But have they ever helped the client determine whether that product should even be produced? Or where to build it? Or how to distribute it?
No, and the reason is fairly simple. Consultants make money by selling their brainpower; ad agencies make money by selling airtime. When a client plans to invest millions (or billions) into a new product or business line, they don't turn to the ad guys for a business case."

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