2.0 for the Enterprise

Starship Enterprise 2.0: Cleared to Roam the Galaxy

Posted by Susan Scrupski on September 1, 2006

Thank you Jerry Bowles, who thanked Andrew McAfee, and Ross Mayfield for his heroic efforts (adding props from me on behalf of all outsiders looking in)– the confederacy of brainiacs at Wikipedia have deemed Enterprise 2.0 worthy of definition and have not deleted it in its last dash, near-fatal round of scrutiny.

Others who should be commended for taking up the lightsaber* on pursuit of the revolutionary battle include: Vinnie Mirchandani, Ismael Ghalimi, Jeff Nolan, Dion Hinchcliffe, Jason Wood, Rod Boothby, Dave Tebbutt, and anyone else I missed who spent long hours debating what should be in/out of the definition.

*sorry, I know it’s bad form to mix trekkies and star wars fans, but remember, we’re fighting for freedom for all geeks and wannabe geeks. 🙂

7 Responses to “Starship Enterprise 2.0: Cleared to Roam the Galaxy”

  1. Susan, so many factions – see my post Robespiere 2.0

    see comments at bottom about knitting …boy!

  2. susanitsa said

    Let the debate begin! You lost me on the knitting, though. Did you mean Knighting? (rhymes with fighting) I left you a comment. 🙂 Happy LABOR of love DAY weekend. (As we both are clearly not making an income blogging– on a holiday weekend to boot.)

  3. Susan, what kinda of revolutionary are you -) During the French Revolution a number of ladies used to find favorite spots and knit while also watching the guillotine do its work.

  4. susanitsa said

    How about for this revolution, we will have a gender-friendly celebration at The Knitting Factory? We will drink all night, as we sever heads (figuratively) and curse deals gone wrong in web 1.0?

  5. Jason Wood said


    Thanks for the kind words, and welcome aboard the Irregulars! I’m looking forward to meeting you at O2O. One minor comment if I may? While I really appreciate being on your blogroll, it’s Jason Wood not WOODS (sorry, but if you knew how often people add an S to my last name, it would bother you too).



  6. susanitsa said

    Jason– sorry for the extra s. All fixed. I’m convinced there is a huge market opportunity for blog editors and fact-checkers. See you at O2O, if I don’t see you on the GSP first.

  7. […] me here, please? Here I go mashing up star wars with trekkie zealotry, but like I’ve said before, we’re trying to save the galaxy for geeks of all nations, eh?) To introduce Aquantive to the […]

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