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Flash Treadmill report…

Posted by Susan Scrupski on September 18, 2006

I’m getting ready to attend the New New Internet Conference in Virginia, so I haven’t had a chance to keep up on much of what’s current out there.  Nonetheless, I happened to see Peter King Hunsinger, Vice President and Publisher of GQ Magazine on CNBC last week talking about a new, powerful segment of superconsumers: “The Xoomers.” (Read the Press Release here.)  I don’t have a lot of time to go into this, but this new trending data supports my contention that this hot, newfound demographic is going to be ready, willing, and able to marshall change on their own terms within the enterprise.

2 Responses to “Flash Treadmill report…”

  1. Jason Wood said


    Please write copiously about NNIC. Dion extended an invitation my way but I wasn’t able to carve out the time this month to attend.



  2. susanitsa said

    Hi Jason. I’ll be bringing my laptop, but I haven’t tried “live” blogging yet. I’m mostly going as an observer. I’m sure I’ll be inspired to write something. Wish I could have met you this time ’round. Susan

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