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Posted by Susan Scrupski on June 19, 2007

Davenport/McAfee debate

So, in case you haven’t heard– well of course you heard!– the debate went off as planned and on time. I understand there were a few hiccups with the streaming video in different parts of the world, although some visitors had no problem at all. The video is available here:

I’m not going to blog about it now. There has been a tremendous amount of coverage on the debate, and I have a few opinions on it I need to think about as I absorb some of the conversations I’m picking up at this conference. I won’t be doing a lot of blogging here at the conference either. I’m talking to a lot of people, listening to a lot of user stories, and will be checking out a variety of vendor products. There are a several people blogging and writing here at the conference. My inbox on Enterprise 2.0 stories has never been so full. I plan to use these stories to write post-conference.

So… off to the demo pavilion.

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