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Who the heck is @ITSinsider on Twitter?*

Hello! If you’ve not watched my award-winning video, then I will give you a quick profile of who I am here. My name is Susan Scrupski, a.k.a ITSinsider on Twitter and many other social networks. I’m currently following folks on Twitter who track the same general space as I do (Enterprise 2.0).

Because my Tweets are on the public timeline, I may not be aware you are following me, as I’ve turned email notification off for new followers. Please send me an @ reply if you feel I should be following you as well.

Thanks for dropping in. You can learn more about me on my About Page on this blog. See you on Twitter!

*Hat tip to @Pistachio to create a personal bio page exclusively for Twitter.

One Response to “@ITSinsider”

  1. Sean O'Neil said


    It was nice meeting you at the Enterprise 2.0 conference on Tuesday. I specifically enjoyed the break-out session you led. Also, I visited your blog at itinsider and was very impressed by the content. As I said, I am a doctoral student at GMU currently gathering dissertation research on the subject of inter-organizational collaboration in the public sector. Enterprise 2.0 adoption is a major component of my research. Ultimately I intend to develop a model to represent the key enabling and constraining factors impacting public sector collaboration. To that end I would appreciate any references or contacts that you may think is helpful to my research.


    PhD Student, School of Public Policy
    George Mason University

    Major, Medical Service Corps
    United States Army

    (703) 307-2118

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