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Harvesting for Souls 2.0

Posted by Susan Scrupski on July 15, 2007

Even the Big Guy’s handlers have caught the web 2.0 bug. How do you deny this request? And am I not thinking of inviting Him to gmail?


4 Responses to “Harvesting for Souls 2.0”

  1. Did you see Bruce Almighty handle his email?

    On my innovation blog I have a couple of posts on technology in religion

  2. Yes, I did see Bruce Almighty. But that was Hollywood, and we all know they’re not getting web 2.0. Thanks for the links on your Innovation blog. I’ve finally added it to my feeds. Great stuff in there Vinnie; should have been reading it all along.

    On the JCwantsU recruiting… I was thinking: Facebook. If one of us could get Jesus to add us as a friend on Facebook, well he must know Muhammad, then think of all Muhammad’s friends… one of his friends must know Buddha and all the Hindu deities, and then, there is Jesus’ Dad… jeez louise, pretty soon, we’d all be hooked up. We could start an open group on Facebook: People who just wanna get along on the planet (otherwise known as Beatles Fans). 😉

  3. Zoli Erdos said

    Ouch, I’m jelous… this certainly beats my Bill Gates connection 😦

  4. I dunno, Zoli. After Craig pointed this out on Twitter:, I thought we’d have to add Steve and Bill to the Facebook peace party I recommended in reply to Vinnie’s comment– or we’d leave a lot of good (otherwise mortal enemy) souls on the table.

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